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Pups and dogs (both started and fully trained) are occasionally available from Sheldon. Please inquire about the possibilities of obtaining an excellent bird dog for your needs. Genes from great breeding, socialization, training and temperament are several requirements for becoming a great bird dog. Sheldon’s knowledge and expertise with over 30 years of bird dogs help to meet these basic needs and requirements. Thus, pups and dogs from Twer Kennels are the best one can obtain to become a hunting companion or field trial prospect.

Pups For Sale

Browns Sweet Jane X Brock Force

Born July 7th, 2022

Millers Unfinished Women(Brandy) X
Brock Force(Brock)

Born May 19th, 2022

Started Dogs For Sale


Whelped  August 5, 2018.
Out of Twisters Pretty Boy & Wells
Fargo Paula
Exceptional gun dog. Steady to wing and shot. Retrieves to hand. Sweet tempered


-2 years old Great wild bird dog or gun club dog. Love to retrieve. Merry hunter and family dog.


 -2 years old Well trained as gun dog. Nice temperament. Easy to handle.


-2 years old GSP Very well trained. Very effective bird finder, good retriever.

Kelly’s  IB Wells Tang


Erin’s Rum Wild
Whelped August 25, 2018. Extremely smart, classy field trial or hunting prospect; will steady and handle easily.

In The Shadow  (National Champion)

Shay (English Pointer female) Shadow from Danceyville (Covey Rise Abbie X Jack Shadow) Whelped 5-21-18; Extremely well gaited. Very game driven. Hard to find In The Shadow female



Sire: Gotta Little Project Dam: Tian Luelhew Verbena Whelped April 8, 2018. Very snappy, great nose, easy to handle.



Sire: Gotta Little Project Dam: Idaho Lucky Sweet Whelped May 21, 2019. Very stylish, great hunting prospect.



Sire: Gotta Little Project Dam: Idaho Lucky Sweet Whelped May 21, 2019. Tail docked due to medical necessity as a puppy. Great nose, strong point, great gun dog prospect.

Finished Dogs For Sale


2 year old male English Pointer. Very stylish, steady to wing and shot. $5000



Snowmaker’s Will Sire: Wild Covert Snowmaker Dam: Wild Covert Pitter Patter (RU champ. out of Erins Whiskey River) Whelped November 20, 2017 Great field trial prospect with one Open Derby Placement. Very easy to handle, steady, obedience trained. Force trained to retrieve. Would also make a great hunting dog. Photo is pointing wild birds in south Texas. $4000



Sweeps Junior Strike Sire: Deception’s Nite White Dam: Idaho Lucky Sweep Whelped September 25, 2015. Very strong gun dog, wide ranging, could be a good field trial prospect, steady and retrieves to hand. $3500

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