Pups and dogs (both started and fully trained) are occasionally available from Sheldon. Please inquire about the possibilities of obtaining an excellent bird dog for your needs. Genes from great breeding, socialization, training and temperament are several requirements for becoming a great bird dog. Sheldon’s knowledge and expertise with over 30 years of bird dogs help to meet these basic needs and requirements. Thus, pups and dogs from Twer Kennels are the best one can obtain to become a hunting companion or field trial prospect.
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Repeat breeding

May(red rum) X Kelly s I B Wells Due. 3-13-19


Ice - 5 year very easy to handle. Out of Iron Mistress SOLD
Twisters Pretty Boy                    ( Sunflower Chic X Elhew Twister)     Wells Fargo Paula                       Wells Fargo Molly Repeat Breeding: Last litter produced multiple field trial dogs and extremely fancy ,very trainable hunting dogs. White/orange  males and females All $850 Whelp March 13,,2019
In The Shadow  (National Champion) Shay  (English Pointer female) Shadow from Danceyville  (Covey Rise Abbie X Jack Shadow) Whelped 5-21-18; Extremely well gaited.  Very game driven.  Hard to find In The Shadow female    
Kelly’s  IB Wells Tang Erin’s Rum Wild Whelped  August 25, 2018. Extremely smart, classy field trial or hunting prospect ; will steady and handle easily
Kelly’ IB Wells Checkbook Charlie                                   Checkbook Annie (Muiltiple field champion) Whelped 5-21-16  . Snappy and easy to handle. Very Steady. Great nose. Obedience Trained.  Excellent retriever. $3500
Wild Covert Snowmaker Snowmakers Will                              Wild Covert Pitter Patter (RU champ.out  of Erins Whiskey River) Whelped 11-20 -17 Great field trial prospect with one Open Derby Placement. Very easy to handle, steady, obedience trained. Force trained to retrieve. Would also make a great hunting dog.  $3000
Erin’s Red Rum                                                                                            Erin’s Rum Wild                               (Wild Again bitch) Repeat breeding. Last litter hunted very successfully at 5 months. Very classy train real easy White with orange males and females   All $850 Whelp March 13, 2019
8 time field champion Smak’s Lemon Express Ely Cache Creek Most Wanted Whelped1-8-17.   Exceptional bird finder. Very stylish, easy to handle, very steady.   Excellent retriever.  Well obedience trained   $4000